Medical MalpracticeAll medical professionals, from surgeons and physicians to nurses, are required to provide all of their patients with a standard of care. Standards exist for a simple reason: We trust doctors to take care of us when we are not well. Doctors learn and train for years in order to provide the absolute best care they can to their patients, and they must adhere to professional and ethical standards. 

Medical malpractice is the third most common cause of death each year in the U.S., per reports from the American Medical Association.  As many as 200,000 people in the United States die annually as a result of medical accidents, and as many as 60% of these deaths are the direct result of medical negligence! 

In 2013, the medical malpractice insurer Diederich Healthcare released data from 2012 claiming that medical malpractice resulted in over $3.6 billion dollars in judgments and settlements, and that Florida is the state with the fifth highest number of medical malpractice claims. Up to 1% of all hospital patients are harmed by medical malpractice, but fewer than 3% of all malpractice victims file any sort of claim against the negligent doctors and medical staff responsible for harming them. Worse yet, as many as 75% of malpractice acts go unrecorded!

If you believe you have been the victim of Medical Malpractice, you must speak up! Here is who you should speak to:

  1. Your health insurance provider. Their job is to make sure you receive proper health care.
  2. Another doctor. There is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion, and a doctor will be able to tell whether another medical professional has acted outside of the standard of care.
  3. An attorney. Lawyers will be able to determine whether you have been the victim of Medical Malpractice, and provide you with protection and guidance through this difficult situation.

Doctors may be human, but when lives are on the line, mistakes and sloppiness are simply unacceptable. Nothing is more important than protecting your health and the safety of your loved ones. Allowing careless doctors to operate with impunity is a danger to the entire community. They must be reported so that the community can be kept safe!