Below is a gallery of videos chronicling some of our charitable efforts with the Rotary Club of East Arlington in the Jacksonville community, across Florida, and overseas.

The Rotary Club of East Arlington in Jacksonville, Florida celebrated its 20th anniversary on June 20th, 2012. This video is a celebration of the club's efforts in the local community and abroad over the past twenty years.

The Northeast Florida Haiti Project is dedicated to helping the people of Haiti through support of the Canaan Orphanage and School near Montrouis.

In the earthquake of January 12, 2010, 600,000 Haitian citizens were killed or injured and over 1 million more were left without homes. In that time, Canaan has proved itself much more than an orphanage and school. Canaan has served as a medical clinic for those injured in the earthquake, a malnutrition center helping to feed the children of surrounding villages, and a spiritual beacon for the people of Haiti.

Dillon Ford was stricken with transverse myelitis as an adverse reaction to live polio vaccine as an infant. Since meeting him as a child, the members of The Rotary Club of East Arlington have come to care deeply about him and his loving family.

When his adoptive father, James Ford, wanted to adopt Dillon and his brother Trevor, the club were overjoyed to support them. Scott Schuler, for the first adoption of his career, happily represented them in court.

As part of The Rotary Club of East Arlington's ongoing efforts to combat polio around the globe, the club created a short commercial in support of the "We're This Close" campaign to be shown at local Rotary events.

Here is a series of videos made by Scott and Brian providing instructions on how to handle times of crisis, and what to look for when you make the difficult decision to select an attorney.

Please be aware that all cases are different, and although their statements are based upon considerable legal experience, they do not constitute actionable legal advice for your specific case.

Catastrophic injuries are the worst kind of injury, life-altering events that can leave a person disabled or in need of continuous medical care.

Scott Schuler talks about what you should do when you or someone you know has suffered a life-altering catastrophic injury.

Being served with a lawsuit can be frightening and overwhelming.

Brian Lee talks about how you should handle that situation, and what you can do to make sure you are not taken advantage of.

Big truck accidents are different from normal motor vehicle collisions. They cause significantly more damage and are much more likely to result in serious bodily injury or even death.

Scott Schuler talks about what makes big truck accidents different for him, and how he approaches them differently from other attorneys.

Dealing with insurance companies can not only be frustrating and painful, it can be incredibly costly. Often, far more than is right or just, insurance companies will represent their own best interests ahead of the best interests of their clients.

Scott Schuler draws from his years of experience working with insurance companies to discuss how you can hold your insurance company accountable to represent you.