The lawyers at Schuler and Lee are dedicated to fighting for our clients to not only receive full compensation, but to be made whole. As Florida personal injury attorneys, they put their extensive knowledge and legal experience to work for each and every client. The following list (which is still under construction) consists of a few verdicts and settlements we have obtained for our clients:

  • $14.5 Million Verdict

Legal Malpractice case in which the defending attorney victimized at least 60 clients, taking verdict and settlement money for personal use instead of providing it to his clients. We were named to the Georgia Verdicts Hall of Fame for our efforts in this case.

CSS Georgia Verdicts Hall of Fame

  • $4.1 Million Medical Malpractice Verdict against a negligent birth center
  • $1.05 Million Verdict against a negligent water park
  • Numerous six and seven-figure Prescription Error settlements
  • More than ten other six-figure Legal Malpractice settlements