The attorneys at Schuler and Lee, P.A.  are dedicated to fighting for our clients to not only receive full compensation, but to be made whole. As Florida personal injury attorneys, they put their extensive knowledge and legal experience to work for each and every client. The following list provides several representative examples of verdicts and settlements we have obtained for our clients:

Numerous six and seven-figure Verdicts and Settlements

$14.5 Million Legal Malpractice Verdict

Legal Malpractice case in which the defending attorney victimized at least 60 clients, taking verdict and settlement money for personal use instead of providing it to his clients.

We were named to the Georgia Verdicts Hall of Fame for our efforts in this case.

$1.05 Million Verdict against a negligent water park



$1.02 Million Verdict regarding negligently-maintained dump truck

dumptruckOur client was injured when the bed of the dump truck he was driving spontaneously lifted. This caused a collision while attempting to drive onto an Interstate 95 entrance ramp. Despite his best efforts, he was unable to prevent the collision caused by the faulty truck bed.

His employer had put him in an improperly-maintained and insufficiently-inspected truck, and he suffered skull fractures and lower back injuries as a result of the collision. He underwent multiple surgeries and was forced to retire from the trucking profession.

Our firm was able to recover $1.03 million for our client to pay for his medical costs, past and future lost earnings, and his past and future pain and suffering.

$4.1 Million Medical Malpractice Verdict against a negligent birth center

$1.8M Confidential Settlement in Prescription Error case (names withheld)

Other representative cases and details of the above cases (to the extent legally permissible) upon request.