The Imminent Threat to our Healthcare

Last month, H.R. 1215 passed through our nation’s House of Representatives with a narrow vote of 218-210, and was sent to be voted on by the Senate. We previously wrote about this dangerous bill in April, when it was first waiting to be voted on by the House. It is a truly terrifying piece of legislature, insidiously disguised as a bill intended to make healthcare safer for American citizens.

H.R. 1215 will make us far less safe!

The bill would impose a $250k cap in all cases, even in situations when medical malpractice directly resulted in lost lives or disabled patients. When the economic cost of medical negligence goes down, the rate of medical negligence goes up! Medical errors are the #3 cause of death in the U.S. already; if H.R. 1215 passes, they may not remain #3 for long!

This horrible bill would also remove liability from hospitals, nursing homes, and health care providers in cases against drug companies. This would hold true even if the healthcare providers negligently prescribed or administered the drugs in question. To clarify: this means that hospitals could injure patients with improperly-prescribed medications and be at no fault.

Our Congress does not understand or appreciate the danger they are trying to bring us toward. It us up to us as citizens to let them know that this attack on our safety and well-being cannot stand! If you are as concerned as we are, visit this link and tell your Senators to put an end to H.R. 1215!