Serious Car Accidents in Florida: Fatal car accidents and their effects.

In Florida fatal car accidents, and other serious car accidents and catastrophic car accidents usually occur suddenly and without warning. Often these are high speed accidents: But not always.  Serious burn injuries and even brain injuries from car accidents can occur at surprisingly low speeds.

A “serious car accident” does not always mean that the other vehicle was going 100 miles per hour or even that your car was totaled. Some low-speed car accidents can still cause serious injuries that can have an enormous impact on the lives of those who experience them.

Whether you are in a high speed car accident or whether you have an unfortunately serious injury from a low speed car accident, it really makes no difference when your life or the life of a loved one has been devastated as a result.

Florida fatal car accidents and other serious injuries can happen no matter what the speed

Does your loved one have a traumatic brain injury, a car accident burn injury, accident paralysis, or some other devastating injury?  Then, obviously, they have been in a serious car accident, no matter what the speed.

Other attorneys frequently hire us in cases involving complex and serious injuries

If your injury is serious or complex, then your accident must be investigated promptly and skillfully.  This is what we do, and what we have been doing over the course of three decades.

You will need a team of seasoned lawyers and investigators who are skilled in the evaluation and presentation of complex evidence to courts and juries throughout Florida.  This is what we do.

We are honored when other attorneys ask us to help them on their cases, which happens frequently.  We will be equally honored to help you if you have had a serious car accident or a Florida fatal car accident.


In Florida, fatal car accidents and other serious motor vehicle accidents are investigated by the at fault driver’s insurance company almost immediately.  Evidence that can help you prove your case often disappears quickly, and the memories of witnesses fade over time.   Do not delay the important work of preserving the evidence in your case.

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Of course each case is different and your injuries, or the injuries your loved one has suffered, should not be evaluated using some type of meaningless assembly line approach.  But we have developed over the course of three decades of successfully handling serious injury cases, a method of evaluating cases that has been very helpful to us and to the attorneys and clients we work with.

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