Every year bus accidents and collisions cause thousands of adults and children to suffer pain, discomfort, distress, increasing medical bills, lengthy rehabilitation therapies or loss of income.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are about 300 deaths and 19,000 injuries in connection with buses each year.  Not surprisingly, Florida is among the states with the highest number of accidents.

These accidents can involve:

  • Buses for public transportation
  • Buses run by private companies
  • Tour Buses
  • School Buses

The sheer size and weight of a bus is enough to cause massive amounts of damage in bus accidents.  The damages will leave a victim looking for a traumatic brain injury lawyer in Florida,  a Daytona burn injuries lawyer or a Jacksonville spinal cord injury attorney.

When it comes to accidents with a substantial size and weight there are also a number of factors that can cause them, including:

  • Reckless driving
  • Dangerous Roadways
  • Improper Maintenance
  • Defective equipment

Legal Help for Bus Collision and Accident Victims

Bus collisions can be a very distressing experience.  When you factor in speed or adverse traffic conditions, the potential for property damage and/or loss of life is immense.  Dealing with a bus company, government entity or the insurance company after an accident involving a bus is nothing like dealing with an accident involving a passenger car.

Don’t Give the Commercial Bus Company a Lead Start!

At Schuler & Lee, we fight to help you get full and fair reimbursement for your serious injuries or property loss resulting from bus accidents.  It is very important that you retain an experienced lawyer who can act quickly on your behalf to file the required notices and preserve your claim against the responsible party.

If you or your loved one have been injured in a bus accident do not hesitate to contact bus accidents attorneys at Schuler & Lee, P.A. at (904) 396-1911.  The caring staff at our office will see that you are taken care of.


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