This isn’t your grandfather’s courtroom anymore!

Your attorney must have all the skills of the compassionate courtroom gladiators of the past and the computer and communication skills of the 21st century.

The insurance companies are going to come to court like Goliath coming to the battlefield. Even though the defendant may look like “mom and pop,” this is an illusion.

Hiding behind almost every defendant, who looks like an ordinary citizen, is a multi-billion dollar insurance company. They will bring with them their highly paid stable of hired gun lawyers, doctors and expert witnesses.

So What Are We Going to Bring?

At Schuler & Lee, P.A., we bring the truth. We bring passion and compassion. We bring skill, years of experience, and cutting edge technology to help explain to the jury what the truth really is.

Statewide Representation As Your Florida Personal Injury Attorney

At Schuler & Lee, P.A. we fight your battles throughout the State of Florida in all types of serious personal injury cases. We have pled cases across the entire State of Florida, ranging from our home office in Jacksonville to Gainesville, Daytona Beach, Orlando, Tampa, and across the entire Sunshine State!

We Have the Skills to Represent You

We are experienced and skilled in the following practices:

We have extensive experience handling many other types of serious cases. We will represent you with the same skill, passion, and compassion we have brought to the courtroom for almost 30 years.

21st Century Cutting Edge Technology Brought To Your Case

At Schuler & Lee, P.A., we don’t just use computers as expensive typewriter substitutes. From the very beginning of your case, we use the latest computer software to manage and present the story of your case to a jury of your fellow citizens.

Now that you know a little about how we work to get results for our clients, find out if our team of Florida personal injury attorneys can help you.

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