The Florida injury attorneys at Schuler & Lee, P.A. know that low speed collisions are often devastating to accident victims. The amount of energy required to herniate a disc or injure a person’s brain is often less than people think. Furthermore, the amount of energy transferred to the vehicle occupants in low speed accidents is often greater than people think.

Scott Schuler and Brian Lee are experienced attorneys who have spent years handling low speed accidents. They are Jacksonville spinal cord injury attorneys and Florida brain injury lawyers that know these types of injuries can result from low speed accidents.

Low Speed Accident Injuries

As Florida injury attorneys, we are familiar with the physical damage that can be done as an outcome of a low speed car accident. These injuries can be very serious, including, but not limited to:
– Low Back Injuries
– Neck Injuries
– Muscle Strain and Muscle Sprain
– Whiplash

Long-Term Effects of Soft Tissue Injuries

Schuler & Lee works with medical experts that can explain the damage that soft tissue and deep muscle injuries do to one’s body. They can help explain how and why these injuries can take months before you fully understand the extent of your injury, and also how and why these injuries can cause problems for years to come.

Below is an animation demonstrating the kind of tissue damage associated with a hyperextension/hyperflexion injury (whiplash).

Getting the Most Out of Your Personal Injury Claim

We know that most insurance companies have programs designed to take advantage of the difficulty in proving damages in low speed accident cases. One such program is Allstate’s Minor Impact Soft Tissue program or MIST for short. This program is used to scare away victims in low speed accidents from hiring lawyers and from filing suit.

This is a battle that a victim, properly represented by an injury attorney with experience handling low speed collisions, can head into with confidence. There is technology and science that can help prove your claim, including crash studies and bio-mechanical engineers who can examine the force of the impact and what injuries would be expected.

Low speed accidents happen everyday, and your injuries can be more devastating than insurance companies make them out to be. We can help. Contact your Florida injury attorneys today at (904)396-1911. We are here for you.

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