Fair Debt Collection Lawyers│ Jacksonville, Florida

Do you dread answering your home phone or cellular phone because of threatening calls from debt collectors?  Do debt collectors call your work phone, even after you have told them not to do so? Are they harassing you day in and day out, at all hours of the night?

The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act (FCCPA) are federal and state laws that protect consumers against unfair debt collection practices.  These Acts prohibit certain predatory activities that debt collectors use in collecting debts, and also provide for damages to the consumer for violations of the Acts.  The top 5 violations involving these Acts that we have seen at Schuler & Lee, P.A. are:

  1. Harassment
  2. Intimidation/Threats
  3. Collecting money not owed by you
  4. Refusal to cease contact even after being told to by you
  5. Refusal to cease contact after being told of attorney representation

The FDCPA does not apply to some creditors or government agencies who are rightfully trying to collect debts.  Whether or not the FDCPA or the FCCPA apply in your situation is sometimes difficult to determine, but we have developed a system in our office that can let you know whether these Acts apply to you, and what you can do to enforce your rights under these Acts.

If you feel that your rights for fair debt collection are being violated, contact the debt collection attorneys at Schuler & Lee, P.A at (904) 396-1911.  Our office will see that you are treated with care.