emerald green, was to fly out of a circle pattern on a surface covered with immortality, thunderclouds suddenly came into a black lightning split in the top, nor Liu Hao stop, he even refining immortality Dark thunder is difficult to IASSC Certification hurt anything, but the power of the Dark Ray will become part of immortality. To know that this immortality, but by the world and Liu Hao, three fire demon refining force, arguably the world s darling, and Dark Ray also gave birth to the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt it exam world, and still are attracted by these immortality, it definitely can not hurt immortality will become nutrients. Sure enough, lightning Dark on immortality, the immortality of the body bursting out with power and a strange pull of the Dark in which the mine is inhaled, it s full of energy for themselves, almost at the same time, immortality It turned into a humanoid would piercing away. Come back. Liu Hao beckoned, immortality uncontrolled back to Liu Hao Lean Six Sigma Green Belt turned back the hands of the immortality o.

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ICGB IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt IASSC Lean Six Sigma Green Belt